Ram-Rahim 1-20

MANOJ COMICS was one of the leading comic book houses in India along with its competitors like Rajand Diamond Comics. RAM RAHIM Ram-Rahim was the first and most popular characters to appear on Manoj Comics, a popular comics strip in India . Ram and Rahim were two different characters playing role of secret agents. In most of the stories their job will be to save the world from a wicked scientist or an enemy of their nation. A typical story will feature their mission to bring back a stolen secret file from the villain's den, before it reaches the enemy nation. The choice of character's name as Ram and Rahim was also contributing towards religious harmony among children. Ram is a Hindu name while Rahim is a Muslim name. Both will have tremendous friendship and both will work together to save the world. Children used to wait for summer holidays in the late 80s and early 90s for special editions of Ram-Rahim's and Crookbond's comics during holidays.

MCK(B)-12 राम - रहीम + ड्रैक्युला सीरीज - 1 भूत महल
MCK(B)-16 राम - रहीम + ड्रैक्युला सीरीज - 2 ड्रैक्युला बालक
MCK(B)-18 राम - रहीम मौत का दूत
MCK(B)-22 राम - रहीम अपने देश के दुश्मन
MCK(B)-26 राम - रहीम यम के बेटे
MCK(B)-30 राम - रहीम दुश्मनों के दुश्मन
MCK(B)-35 राम - रहीम आफत के पुतले
MCK(B)-39 राम - रहीम तिरंगे की कसम
MCK(B)-43 राम - रहीम भारत के बेटे
MCK(B)-45 महाबली शेरा - काला प्रेत + राम - रहीम महाबली शेरा और खूनी दानव
MCK(B)-51 राम - रहीम राम रहीम और अन्तरिक्ष मानव
MCK(B)-55 राम - रहीम मौत से टक्कर
MCK(B)-61 राम - रहीम तबाही का देवता
MCK(B)-70 राम - रहीम मौत बेचने वाले
MCK(B)-72 राम - रहीम कानून का शिकंजा
MCK(B)-82 राम - रहीम सिरफिरा वैज्ञानिक
MCK(B)-83 राम - रहीम विनाश के बादल
MCK(B)-89 राम - रहीम विश्व सम्राट ब्लैक ड्रैगन
MCK(S)-39 राम - रहीम भटकती आत्मा
MCK(S)-61 राम - रहीम आत्मा का प्रतिशोध
MCK(S)-69 राम - रहीम खुनी हवेली


  1. I remember those day when I had traveled complete lucknow area to surch the Mahabali shera and Khoni Danav after reading the Khoni danav ki vapsi, after searching complete 1 year i got this comics in one shop of old lucknow who sold me this comics @ 100rs in 1993.
    Realy I am very glad to see all the comics hear.
    Thanks dear you had done good job
    Ashok Pathak

  2. Bhai yeh download kaisey hongi links kaam nai kar rahey

  3. Hi,i am big fan ram rahim character in childhood,From where i got ram raheem old comics,